October 7, 2022


The Winter hit us all but we were prepared, changes are in place and things are warming up!

There was a time for audacity and there’s now a time for sanity.

Dear investors, Mollectors, and friends,

We hope you have had a pleasurable week so far and would love to share with you the latest updates on the Mollector Game progress. The Crypto Winter got us all one way or another. Having been knowing full well it was coming, we always had a plan B and it’s a great pleasure to announce that things are warming up for us.

New game content and website

60 of the Mollector Game cards in terms of visual designs and gameplay attributes have been fully developed and are reaching the final stages of finalization. The assets will be functional for Beta test and are expected to receive continuous improvements in terms of animations, effects and sound designs.

Designs and development of the official website is reaching the final steps of deployment to offer the new players with convenient & effective access to important information. The new website also aims to create a sustainable foundation for future deployment of important services serving the game’s ecosystem such as Marketplace, Player-community, and Technical supports.

Roadmap restructured with new priorities

The recent market volatility did create multiple challenges for our project. However, due to the fact that Mollector Game’s technical elements are built in-house and the strategy has been planned at the beginning with contingencies, we were able to adjust the developmental approach and navigate the difficulties with little impact on the product’s values. The changes to a better-adapted strategy can be observed in a new roadmap below:

Q2: completed

Alpha Tests on Browser-based game engines have been successfully completed and provided us with great insights and confidence in the game designs and experience, especially on PvP modes.

Q3: Ongoing with new priorities

The game is being refocused for App-Store deployment rather than web3 as previously intended. This change in priorities will give the Mollector Game as a project with more strategic advantages amidst the ongoing crypto winter:

Launching on App Store first will best leverage on the Mollector team’s expertise on mobile gaming and monetization, thus keeping the project’s revenue goals in a more feasible scope.

Prioritizing the game launch on App Store will also allow us to utilize established and proven platforms of growth as well as Marketing & Advertising solutions with much more predictability and control.

The current mobile gaming ecosystem also gives us the opportunity to prioritize for Free-2-Play format, which is more relevant at the moment and puts us in touch with a larger, sustainable player base.

With the change in priorities switching gears towards App Store ecosystems, we are also approaching appropriate publishing and advertising partners to ensure a healthy and effective launch at the end of Q3.

Our Marketplace development team has been re-assigned to speed up the new development strategy at the beginning of the change and is now returning to their core tasks of Blockchain solutions.

Q4: Play-2-Own

With the readiness of the game on App Store and other Blockchain services at the ready, our approach toward Player-centric Experience powered by Blockchain will continue with a much more sustainable future. Details of our new approaches and solutions will be continuously developed and updated with you in the following newsletters as we make progress toward the Beta Test milestones.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. Your inquiries and feedbacks are as important to us as the commitment we have to the project of Mollectors.

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