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Explore and conquer the Mollector World The next generation of trading card game
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In a galaxy,
far and far away, on the edge of the universe...

There is a magical world
where strange creatures and warriors from different races
and factions living and fighting together

And the ones who collect and own those warriors are known as...
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Welcome to the
Ancient Galaxy
Where each player is a Mollector
  • Travelling across the Universe
  • Finding the rarest cards scattered around the galaxy
  • Summoning powerful warriors
  • Competing against others Mollectors
  • Joining forces to fight the World Boss
The Dragon
The Dragons are the oldest Faction in the game. They are particularly arrogant and always hesitate to cooperate with other races. On the other hand, each Dragon warrior is exceptionally strong in magic powers that augment strength and defense.
The Elemental
Originally created by the Dragon Witches to serve Dragon’s conquests. No longer bound to their old masters, they are now a magnificent kind with adept control of the elements. They can manipulate ice, fire and wind to devastating AoE and DoT effects.
The Demon
A special Faction comprised of different races and life forms who pursue the Dark Powers. Using the Genesis Molecules for their own personal gains, they are able to alter realities, buffing their own strength or sabotaging their opponent’s abilities.
The Mech
Created by the mysterious Ancients. Their original directives are lost in time but has risen to be one of the most powerful Faction in the game. Mech warriors are extremely adaptive with the ability to repurpose spare parts from fallen Mech allies.
The Beast
The Beast, which was one of the most powerful races, is now only a minority group. They are strong teammates. They often complete quests together.
Not being categorically recognized as a Faction, The Lost includes members of different races. They have their own distinct and unique characteristics and don’t follow any exclusive creed.
Mollector is aiming to be the next big game
with a unique gameplay experience, in which the card battle strategy is complex, competitive and addictive.
Mollector is All in one NFT Gaming
Where players, creators, investors, collectors, holders and traders will enjoy and benefit from meaningful and profitable engagements with Blockchain transparency and sustainability.
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Public Sale
Private Sale
Marketing & Partnership
Ecosystem development
In-game operation Pool
25% at TGE and 25% per month over the next 3 months
10% at TGE and linear vesting in 24 months with a 03-month cliff
Linear vesting in 48 months with a 12-month cliff
Linear vesting in 48 months with a 12-month cliff
5% at TGE and linear vesting in 24 months with a 03-month cliff
5% at TGE and linear monthly vesting in 24 months
0% at TGE and stake 100% within 48 months
Mollector Roadmap
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
MVP IDO/TGE Genesis NFT Sale Brawl mode NFT Lending PvP mode Alpha Test Open Beta PvE mode Close Beta Upgrade function Marketplace World Boss $MOL Staking
Mollector Roadmap
Q4 2021 MVP
Q1 2022 IDO/TGE PvP mode
Q2 2022 Genesis NFT Sale Alpha Test Close Beta Marketplace $MOL Staking
Q3 2022 Brawl mode Open Beta Upgrade function World Boss
Q4 2022 NFT Lending PvE Mode
The team
Mollector team and advisors Information
Team Advisors
Tung Tran
Co-founder. Game Producer
15+ years as Game Operator Producer in the game industry
Quang Nguyen
Co-founder. Product Manager
17+ years in the gaming industry with 100+M total downloads
Mark Ocampo
Marketing Lead
17+ years experience in International entertainment and Marketing industry
Nhat Nguyen
Content & Community Coordinator
10+ years in Communication and Media productions
Cuong Nguyen
Unity Developer Lead
9+ years in game development
Dung Ho
Art Lead
New York Times Best-selling illustrator
Binh Nguyen
Game Business Advisor
Co-Founder of VNG & Metaxiz Game Business Advisor
Long Vuong
Strategic Advisor
Founder and CEO at TomoChain Lab
Nang Nguyen
Strategic Advisor
Product Manager of TomoChain. Head Of Operation of LuaVentures
Tung Hoang
Blockchain Technical Advisor
Co-founder & Product Manager of Tomochain Lab
Ha Hoang
Tokenomics advisor
5+ years in crypto community and business development
Mollector Studio “summons" talents from all walks of life. We are game designers, developers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, Visual artists, illustrators,...with decades of passion, professional work and experience in various fields.
Our founding team has 5 to 15 years of experience in making mobile games, blockchain games. Those are “Lâu đài số”, “Cu Tí bắn chim” - top 1 game weekly ranking on Apple App Store for iPad; Frozen Santa - top 3 game season ranking on Google Play Store. We also are creators of blockchain games on TomoChain, Polygon Network and Binance Smart Chain such as Number Hunt, Bug's maze, Dice, Golden slots.
That's why we know how to take the best of both the traditional gaming world and the blockchain gaming world to create our own metaverse. We are all collectors and being collected, gathering under a roof to fulfil one mission: Making a metaverse adventure. Walking with us on this exciting journey are the big names in Blockchain and Art.
Partners & investors
Want to become partner or investor? Please email to hello@mollector.com